October 2, 2022

Rick Ross Concert tickets shocker!

Organisers of Rick Ross’ Concert have announced what could be the most expensive ticket prices ahead of the show on November 18, 2022.

The hip-hop star is scheduled to perform at the Harare International Conference Centre for the first time but fans have to dig deep into their pockets.

According to flyers doing rounds on socials, early bird tickets are pegged at US$50 per head and US$150 VIP ticket which will be available until August 31.

The VVIP silver ticket will cost US$3 000 while a VVIP gold ticket will cost US$4 000. And for the VVIP platinum ticket is going for US$5 000.

By far and large, this makes the Rick Ross Concert most expensive in the history of show business in Zimbabwe.

One United Kingdom based music promoter Mhofu B Negombwe commented: “Just 100 people promoter atove ne US$500 000 (meaning from the US$5000 ticket sales the promoter would make US$500 000)”

“Rick Ross is the biggest boss and he is very expensive to hire. In Kenya they once failed to meet his requirements, they asked for 300 Belaire bottles of champagne,100 drying towels, three floors of a hotel for his gang only and women then US$500K,” said GIBZ MECK.

Vimbai Cheryl Mangwiza said: “Wow… for US$5K maybe rather fly to the United States to watch him perform there, do some shopping, site seeing and still come home with change.”

While Rick Ross has performed in countries like Nigeria and South Africa before, it is a question of numbers that matter most.

And also the capacity of the venue makes it all the more determining than anything else regarding ticketing.

The HICC where Rick Ross is billed to perform has a carrying capacity of 4500 which allows for organisers ROAR Entertainment to charge more on tickets.

If the concert was being held at Andy Millar Hall or such open air spaces that would allow for more people to attend obviously that would lower the price of tickets.

 But what is clear though, is that organisers are in for a HUGE surprise, good or bad!

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