June 17, 2024

Jamaican Chris Martin to curtain raise for Freeman?

For most people it is almost highly unlikely for popular Jamaican Christopher Martin to grace Freeman’s album launch.

But guess what, Chris Martin will not only grace the album launch but he will curtain raise for Zimbabwe’s very own “music doctor” Freeman. And the gig is slated for 8 October 2022 at Alex Sports Club in Harare.

Of course, this is not the first time Chris Martin has performed in Zimbabwe. Many would remember his debut after he was brought to Harare by Mama Redrose at Glamis Arena. At that concert, Chris Martin showed a thing or two about international acts. He was flawless, from the sound to the performance and the playlist, Chris Martin nailed it. And because of that first experience many would want a repeat of that and come in their number to watch him on stage doing his thing. Yes, this time it’s not Mama Redrose, and there is a different promoter but the standards have already been set and fans expect nothing of fireworks.

That said, the 35-year-old Freeman aka HKD boss has also proved his worth to be able to invite an artist as big as Chris Martin to attend his album launch. This is his 12th album aptly titled “David and Goliath” perhaps in reference to his interaction with Chris Martin. Freeman is one of the most consistent crossover Zim dancehall artist and each album comprises hits. Already word doing the rounds is that Freeman has a collaboration with Chris Martin on the upcoming album. And from the look of it, the single got to be a hit. Also featured at the album launch are Kikky Badass, Nyasha David, Bazooka, Sainfloew, Baba Harare, Trevor Dongo and Led Magoz.

Emcees at the show will be Merciless Zimbabwe and Chamvary.

Entry is US$10 and US$20 for VIP and US$50 for VVIPs. 

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