June 22, 2024

NetOne supports smart agricultural solutions through Artificial Intelligence.

NetOne is exhibiting at the 2023 Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS), driving sustainable and inclusive digital solutions. The company is showcasing a variety of interesting innovations that have brought a refreshing look to ZAS. We noted a tractor at the mobile operator stand as well as a green house, lots of interest in how these are linked to mobile telecommunications.

NetOne is encouraging all its customers to come through the ZAS stand and experience the best world full of exciting products and moments. Get a chance to discover cutting-edge agriculture digital solutions and take advantage of the convenience to buy SIM cards, register for OneMoney, and get your USD airtime and bundles. Financial inclusion for all with exciting smart financial solutions by OneMoney is being offered at the NetOne ZAS stand. Indeed, your visit will be unforgettable.

By using the Internet of Things and remote management of various farming activities, NetOne is offering farmers production enhancement solutions. The exciting solution consist of Smart Greenhouse and this is where NetOne is introducing technology that will assist farmers in managing and controlling the greenhouse environment. It comprises of Temperature Management system, Smart Water Metering System and Remote Monitoring Solution. Another exciting solution is the Livestock Tracking System and Farmers can now track the location or movement of their livestock, through the Tracking service and Geo-Fencing technology.

Commenting on the company’s participation at ZAS 2023, the NetOne Group CEO Raphael Mushanawani stressed that the business has brought with it relevant agri tech solutions that fit well with farmers addressing their every need. Quite evident is how NetOne has transformed into a digital solutions network for sustained growth, adaptation, productivity and linkages. Farming is no longer done manually; Artificial intelligence has taken over. Farmers now have access to smart agricultural solutions through the aforementioned services as well as Smart Tractors supported by the NetOne network. NetOne’s OneMoney has partnered the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) to allow farmers to enjoy convenience and access to more farming services through the OneMoney ARDA card.

To enjoy the ARDA services one has to dial *887# and this is the platform where there is Farmer Training, Soil Testing, Tractor Services, Combine Harvesting, Sales & Insurance and AMA Payments services. Further NetOne has gone green with connected solarized solutions at the click of a button. The business is implementing renewable energy solutions, which plays a key role in the transition of the economy with Solar powered homes, Solar TV and Solar Smart systems all in one from NetOne.

Visit NetOne ZAS stand at East End Hall Harare Agriculture Show today and stand a chance to win lots of giveaways!

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