June 17, 2024

About Us

Harare Magazine is a lifestyle and events magazine that showcases the City of Harare’s vibrant story. We keep everyday Harare-dwellers and visitors alike informed on places to eat, must-see attractions, events to attend, and products to buy in the capital.

In spite of all the things that go wrong with the economy and politics, there is an unwavering and proud spirit of Zimbabweans that always seems to shine. That is the story we tell at Harare Magazine.

Whether it is through small businesses that forge ahead, natural artistic talents that are nurtured and cultivated, sporting challenges that are met or simply through the commitment to network and spread knowledge, the vitality and tenacity of this community continues to amaze.

Harare Magazine is the place where all the Zimbabwean good vibes live! Be sure to check out our website, and grab a copy of the magazine at your local store.

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