June 25, 2022

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Harare Magazine is a print and online lifestyle and events magazine targeted at Harare natives and visitors.

Retail copies are available through Innov8 Bookstore, Food Lovers, Pick n Pay, Spar and Bon Marche. Free copies are distributed through Meikles Hotel, Holiday Inn, Rainbow Tourism Group and 12 Fleetwood Lodge as well as through advertising partners.

The online magazine is refreshed with new content from the print issue and exclusive online content. Online magazine audiences are targeted through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

We have low cost print and online advertising options available with a 25% discount on print advertising if you also take out an online advert.

Events advertising is free on the Harare Magazine online calendar just email your events to hararemagazine@gmail.com.

We also post a select number of events for free on our social media platforms but these are not boosted. This means that they have a low reach (300-1,000 people at most). See boosted social media options below for a broader reach.

Contact our advertising team to place your ad and to find out about personalized ad options to suit your needs.



 2 weeks 1 month Dimensions
Homepage Header Banner $150 $250 728 x 126 Pixels
Homepage Sidebar Ad $100 $150 320 x 256 Pixels
Article Sidebar Ad $50 $80 320 x 256 Pixels
Footer Ad $100 $150 500 x 600 Pixels
Restaurants Banner $25 $50 720 x 150 Pixels
Events Calendar Banner $25 $50 720 x 150 Pixels
1 week or less 2 weeks 1 month
Social media promotion $10 $20 $35
low reach  med reach high reach
Social media boosted post* $5 $10 >$20

*Note that past events have had a reach ranging from 6,000-15,000 people on a budget of $10.


  • Full page and cover requirements: 297 x 210 mm with 300dpi CMYK
  • Half page requirements: 148.5 x 105 mm with 300dpi CMYK
Inside Front Cover (IFC) $800
Outside Back Cover (OBC) $1,000
Page One Facing (IFC) $800
Inside Back Cover $800
Full page $650
Half Page $350
Double page spread $1,000
Quarter page $200
Advertorial $450


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