June 22, 2024


Harare Magazine would not be complete without your contribution! No experience necessary. We aspire to bring a diversity of voices to the table to bring to life the vibrancy of our city. As a young magazine we are open to receiving articles on a variety of topics, even if we have not posted material on the topic yet. So be bold, be creative and send us your original material to be published on the Harare Magazine website, and in select cases in the print edition.

Suggested topics to write on:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food & Drink
  • Home & Gardening
  • Health & Sport
  • Business & Technology
  • Society & Culture
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Opinions & Advice
  • Literature & Book Reviews
  • Fiction & Poetry
  • Career Guides
  • Interviews
  • Photography series
  • Add your own: send us something original even if does not fall into any of these categories

Submit your material to hararemagazine@gmail.com in word doc format for articles or as a jpg or png for images. Please state your full legal name as well as the name you would like it to appear on the website if it is different. If you plan on submitting more than one article we would also recommend sending us a short bio (less than 50 words).

If your material has been published elsewhere it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to reproduce the publication. You must also note where and when it was published to make it possible for us to give appropriate acknowledgements. If you have your own blog that you want us to showcase, include a brief description and link to your platform for it to be included with your article.

Please also confirm in the body of your email that you are submitting original content which you are giving Harare Magazine the permission to reproduce. For example, you may copy and paste:

‘I certify that this submission contains my original work and, to my knowledge, there are no restrictions on this work being reproduced on Harare Magazine platforms. I also understand that by submitting my work to Harare Magazine I am giving them the permission to publish my work on public platforms associated with the magazine.’

Harare Magazine reserves the right, with permission from the author, to:

  • Decline to publish submissions
  • Only publish material to the Harare Magazine website or, in select cases, also publish to the print magazine
  • Edit received material to align with Harare Magazine quality standards
  • Keep submissions on file to be published at a later date

Please note that articles published in the magazine are unpaid.


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