June 17, 2024

Submit an Event

We welcome anyone to propose an event to be added to the Harare Magazine calendar.

If you would like your flyer included in the weekend line-up, submit it by the preceding Wednesday evening.

There are three ways that you can submit an event

Please ensure that your event submission includes a date, time, venue, brief description, cost, and contact details. If these are already included in the flyer you do not need to repeat them.

If you are a frequent event planner we’d love to make submitting details for multiple events easier for you. Just shoot us an email to talk further.

We have FREE and low cost event advertising options

1) FREE OPTION: Website event calendar and low reach social media

  • We will add your flyer to the Harare Events Calendar (typically updated on Wednesday/Thursday)
  • Harare Magazine currently has over 11,000 Facebook followers and over 1,600 Instagram followers.
  • We post select flyers on our social media pages for free. Where possible we tag the pages of the event organizers.
  • The free social media post will likely be seen by 300-1,000 people because we will not use paid advertising/boosting.

2) $5 up: Boosted social media posts

  • If you pay for a boosted post you can increase your flyer reach (the number of people seeing the flyer)
    – $5 for low coverage
    – $10 for medium coverage
    – $20 or more for high coverage depending on your desired reach

Note that $10 would give a reach of approximately 8,000+ people

3) $10 up & 2-4 complimentary tickets: Social media ticket giveaway

  • We can run a promotion to give away free tickets to your event
  • Advertising minimum cost: $10 for 3 days to 1 week; $20 for 2 weeks; $35 for one month
  • We request at least 2 complimentary tickets for the event to give away (or 4 tickets if you want to run a promotion on both Facebook and Instagram)
  • If entry is free to the event let us know what other promotional material is available e.g. a gift/service voucher/meal
  • Past promotions have had a reach of 10,000+ people over one wee
  • You also have the option to post an article on the Harare Magazine website. Just send us an article or details about your event such as a press statement or concept note, or any documentation that could be edited down into an article. (See a sample article here)

4) $25 up: Website calendar advertising banner

  • We can post a banner over the flyer carousel of the Harare Magazine online calendar for your event.
  • For this you would need to give us a flyer for your event with rectangular dimensions (ideally 728 X 126, but any close dimensions will resize).
  • We would also publish an article on the event if you took out a banner.

The cost for an advertising banner is:
• $25 for two weeks
• $50 for one month

Harare magazine reserves the right to decide which events are included on our calendar and to edit submissions for brevity and clarity. Submitting an event does not guarantee that it will be posted to the calendar.




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